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WHITE confirms the digital-only format for the February 2021 edi?on, 
 by announcing an important project to promote Italian SMEs

The WHITE edition scheduled for February 25-28 during Milan Fashion Week continues with the digital-only format, successfully tested with WSM FASHION REBOOT for men's fashion. The WHITE platform - thanks to the support of MAECI and Ice-Agenzia and the partnership with Confartigianato Imprese - is further renewed by amplifying the editorial content to present and promote around 150 brands on the WHITE B2B Marketplace in February 2021.

The news does not end there. WHITE, which has always represented the launch platform for SMEs, will develop in the coming months, starting from April 2021 until September 2021, a series of dedicated projects to tell the world of Italian small and medium- sized companies with a storytelling capable of involving the final audience.

Massimiliano Bizzi, founder of WHITE comments: "All of us trade fair operators have first and foremost the duty to think about the common good of our Italian companies and stand by them in this difficult moment, to lead them to September 2021, which we hope will mark the real recovery , also thanks to the spread of the vaccine. This is why I decided to start a series of partnerships and publishing projects to make the SMEs better known, which we have been representing and promoting at WHITE for years, but which are for the most part unknown to the general final consumer. In many cases they are small Made in Italy companies, distributed selectively and which pay attention to the quality of materials and workmanship. They have been more damaged than others in recent years and we are planning a series of initiatives to accelerate them, bringing them to the final consumer. A sign of concrete support for these small and medium-sized businesses, the flagship of Italian know-how. "

"The goal that we have been setting ourselves for several seasons, through investments in our dedicated projects and through their 360 degree communication, is to further sensitize buyers through their own customers to responsible purchasing, which contributes to the support of SMEs, of our economy and the increase in demand for products deriving from Made in Italy. We want to develop a greater awareness of conscious consumption, supporting our buyers, who want to invest in the purchase of advanced handicraft products, which also promote sustainable supply chains with an excellent quality-price ratio. The restarting of our economy must take place by bringing to light products and projects that are not standardized, but of the highest quality, which we are sure have all the characteristics to land in the best international stores "- says Brenda Bellei Bizzi- CEO of White


And concludes Federico Poletti, Marketing and Communication director of WHITE"Through a series of collaborations between the publishing and retail world, we want to create an important story on SMEs, involving digital channels and paper magazines to make these companies, often little known to buyers and the media. A submerged panorama, which needs to be enhanced and communicated with a modern and accessible language. This scouting has always been part of WHITE's DNA, but it is increasingly difficult to get these brands to the media and to the final consumer, who is very often interested in buying this type of product in which quality, fair price, design coexist with research, experimentation and sometimes sustainability ".

Editorial note

Due to the last Dpcm of January 15 which banned all trade fairs in attendance until March 5 2021, due to the persistence of the health Covid 19 emergency, WHITE is forced by government provisions to renounce the February 2021 edition of the tradeshow, dedicated to womenswear fashion, which was scheduled from 25 to 28 February 2021.

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