WONÁ Bridal showroom opening at NEW YORK BRIDAL FASHION WEEK Fall 2020

Il 10 ottobre 2019 a New York, il marchio di abiti da sposa ucraino, ha dato il benvenuto agli ospiti nel loro primo negozio-showroom di punta a New York per presentare la collezione Autunno 2020. La splendida collezione era contraddistinta da abiti con pizzo, perline, piume, paillettes e dettagli di ricamo meravigliosi e curati in ogni dettaglio.

È stato un oziare, da parte di tutti gli ospiti, nello showroom elegantemente decorato dove si è persino provato degli abiti. Gli antipasti e i finger food di Ladurée, con champagne e vino Francese facevano da accompagnamento insieme ad una deliziosa selezione musicale. 

Simpaticissimo scattare le foto-ricordo con il photo booth vhe WONÁ ha voluto in occasione dell'evento di apertura, caratterizzato da una cabina fotografica personalizzata incastonata intorno a un'installazione floreale.

Un enorme ringraziamento a WONÁ e Anna per avermi invitato! Non vedo l'ora di vedere altro in futuro!


WONÁ è un marchio ucraino di moda da sposa e di lusso. WONÁ, in ucraino, significa "lei".
Il nome sottolinea l'impegno del marchio nei confronti dei suoi clienti, le donne, che sono anche l'ispirazione per gli abiti. WONÁ crede che le donne siano davvero delle muse e mira a creare abiti che incarnino i loro desideri più intimi e stravaganti. Attraverso la ricerca del vestito perfetto, le donne possono rivelare la loro bellezza unica. Il brand si impegna a superare le aspettative delle spose e delle donne eleganti in tutto il mondo.Il marchio ucraino sta catturando sempre di più i cuori delle spose, attraverso il loro design di successo, e, attraverso gli abiti, si vuole aiutare le donne a mettere in risalto le loro personalità uniche per tutti i gusti nel giorno più importante della loro vita!

Buona Luce


October 10th, 2019 (New York) - Recently rebranded WONÁ, a bridal brand from Ukraine, welcomed guests to their first flagship store-showroom in New York to present their Fall 2020 collection. The stunning collection contained dresses featuring exquisite lace, beading, feathers, sequins, and embroidery details.

Guests enjoyed viewing the collection, lounging in the elegantly decorated showroom, and even trying on the various dresses. They were treated to hors d‘oeuvres from Ladurée, champagne, and wine from France, and uplifting music selections. Guests were also able to take photos in a custom photo booth set around a live floral wall installation.

A massive thanks to WONÁ and Anna for inviting me! I look forward to seeing others in the future!


WONÁ is a Ukrainian bridal and luxury fashion label. WONÁ, in Ukrainian, means “she.”
The name emphasizes the brand’s commitment to its clients–women–who are also the inspiration for the dresses. WONÁ believes that women are truly muses and aims to create dresses that embody their most intimate and extravagant desires. Through finding the perfect dress, women can reveal their unique beauty. WONÁ strives to exceed the expectations of brides and elegant women worldwide. As a result, WONÁ is increasingly capturing the hearts of brides through their successful design of dresses that help women highlight their unique personalities any taste on their special day.

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Westmoor Collection F/W 19/20 by Nunzia Iovine - Shooting, September 2019
Photo by Filippo Fattoruso
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Vaishali S S/S20 Collection Receives Fashion Critics Nod at the CAAFD NYFW Solo Showcase
Vaishali S  Spring/Summer 2020 Collection presented by CAAFD  highlighted the brand as a notable designer with a humanitarian cause - exhibiting 28 pieces  with palette of rich and diverse array of subdued colors during New York Fashion Week 
September 15, 2019, New York, NY -- /BFDPR/ CAAFD (The Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers) this week exhibited one of its solo acts;  Vaishali S, a Mumbai-based luxury label founded by Vaishali Shadangule that transforms authentic Indian handlooms into wearable works of art. Vaishali S returned to New York Fashion Week stage, as part of CAAFD selected designer.  The brand exhibited 28 pieces with palette of rich and diverse array of subdued colors during New York Fashion Week on September 10, 2019, at 7PM. With an overwhelming feedback from the showcase, Vaishali S is scheduled to exhibit during Market week when she meets with buyers and press as part of Coterie trade show on September 15-17, 2019 from 9am to 6pm daily. She can be located at Level 1 in booth 293.
The luxury brand presented with a total of 28 pieces. The collections palette was rich and diverse with an array of subdued colors. Every piece had a vibe of the summer. The collection consisted mostly of day wear and a range of options. There were both flowing and fitted dresses, pants with tops and a lot of colorful shots. The designer used a lot of meshes in her pieces and one could see hints of the brand's homeland in the way it was draped or in the weaving of a couple of outfits. What also got our attention was the foot wears with the bows attached to them. They made for a fun, colorful addition to the whole attire.
Vaishali S, a Mumbai-based luxury label founded by Vaishali Shadangule was handpicked by CAAFD this season to showcase their SS20 Collection at the New York Fashion Week. CAAFD selected the designer in recognition and to highlight the notable cause her brand is working towards during the fashion week.  Vaishali S transforms authentic Indian handlooms into wearable works of art by working closely with local weaver across the country of India
“Handwoven textiles are in our DNA. Since the inception of Vaishali S in March 2011, the brand has stayed committed to the weaver. The vision of Vaishali S is focused on making natural and handmade apparel by working with over 700 weavers across India, among which 80% are female weavers.” Vaishali Confirms.   Vaishali consciously chooses to work with female artisans and weavers across the country, thus empowering and enabling them to make informed choices that progressively enrich their lives.


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CAAFD Emerging Designers Outshine during NYFW SS20 Collective Showcase
Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers [CAAFD] unveiled six  emerging designers, showcasing their Spring/Summer 2020 collections from different corners of the world During New York Fashion Week

September 15, 2019 -- New York, NY -- /BFDPR/ CAAFD (The Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers) yet again unveiled various emerging brands during New York Fashion Week.  CAAFD welcomed six thoroughly screened, approved and selected brands from around the globe representing their country of residence or origin. Among the newly selected and returning brands were:  Moon Chang, A Humming Way, Farida Temraz’s Temraza, María Sonia, Yufash and Phoenix Ba. Collectively the brands showcased their spring/summer 20 collections after each other. Individually, the brands exquisitely showcased their unique work of art and passion, exhibiting mix of bright colors, elegance, flare, couture,  and some edgy. With a fully packed, standing room only, six designers showcased at one sitting. Fashion professionals and celebrities among the audience waited patiently as each brand took their turn to grace the runway.   

Egyptian designer Farida Temraz opens the show,  presented her couture brand 'Temraza' with flare and elegance. Though the designer has made quite a name for herself in the red carpet circuit in the previous two-three years, this was Farida Temraz's first being listed on the official fashion week schedule as part of CAAFD newly selected Designer and she did not disappoint. With a total of 24 pieces, the collection consisted of evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and bridal couture. The color palette picked by the designer was mostly pastel with the occasional electric blue and white seen in a couple of pieces. Temraza's common thread was the floral element which Farida Temraz used in almost all her pieces, giving them a refined and elegant touch. She presented with two bridal options  - a trumpet gown with a halter illusion neckline with off-shoulder sleeves and a ball gown with ruffled sleeves completed with a veil. The gowns provided with a wonderful contrast between the modern and the traditional.

Phoenix Ba Spring/Summer 20 Floral Motifs Collection Exhibited  Majesty. The Toronto based designer presented 15 pieces in her collection and showed surface textile techniques in her collection. Her opening piece was a double-breasted dress with floral motifs on warm tones. The collection consisted of evening wear with A-line and sheath gowns. There were also a couple of skirts, a pair of pants with a tube frill top along with a floral jumpsuit. She incorporated the floral theme throughout the collection as each piece had intricate floral work in it. A lot of different materials were used like mesh and tassels in a couple of pieces. Phoenix Ba's love for hair accessories was also on display as each model walked with floral hair bands or other floral hair accessories matching their outfits. Her finale piece saw a model in a peplum top and pleated skirt walking down the runway.

Paraguayan Fashion Designer Maria Sonia Shines Bright with Colorful Silhouettes  - Her Spring/Summer 20 brings ‘hope’ to the mood and climate of the world. Think of Spring and every bright color that comes with it. And that is exactly what you will find on the runway for the Maria Sonia Showcasing at the NYFW. The CAAFD approved designer presented a collection of 15 pieces. The colorful collection has been inspired by the designer's roots and the scenario was quite different from what you generally expect at a fashion show's runway. The models walked boldly, freely on the runway, lifting their trains and showing them to the audience. It was a rhythmic dance as the model twirled around to fully show their outfits. Maria Sonia wanted to focus on the evolution and empowerment of women and on the runway, she did just that. Her collection was bright and playful. It consisted mostly of gowns and cocktail dresses. Though the silhouettes were mostly structured, there was a sense of free flow in Maria Sonia's pieces. It was topped off with the floral head fans which could be spotted on all the models. Overall, it was fun and vibrant. Looked like spring had finally arrived!

Yufash Spring/Summer 20 showcased unisex collection. The designer exhibited a mix of casual, dressy and evening wears with simplicity in mind.  We saw men with t-shirts with bold shining prints and the ladies with glowing evening wears with technology influenced prints. The kind that when the light goes off you become the attention of the room as though you weren’t already noticed. Using various colors from dull to the brightest you can find on the color spectrum, Yufash brand executed elegance with minimalism. The long blue dress and the orange finale dress were few of our favorites.  The designer, Kadri Klampe is an Estonian-born, founder and designer who created Yufash as a unique and forward-thinking brand made for the confident and powerful women of the world, with all garments fabricated exclusively in England. Founded in 2015, Klampe and Yufash have since experience skyrocketing popularity, including having designs featured on the hit television series Scream Queens. Yufash is one of the few designers chosen as part of the CAAFD’s incubate/nurturing program, returning for her second seasonal showcase after her previous career-defining CAAFD showcases

A Humming Way Spring/Summer 20 Collection Met with Warmth and Excitement During CAAFD NYFW.  An Indian brand inspired by the old world regalia of the state of Rajasthan in India. With the support of CAAFD, this was the first time that the designer brand was showcasing their collection at the New York Fashion Week. The collection was titled "Matsutake," and represented the mushroom's characteristics of adaptability with utmost brilliance. Matsutake is also known to spread a feeling of hope and that is what Sweta Agarwal tried to emit through her showcasing. The collection had 14 pieces in total. It had a mix of cocktail dresses, gowns and jumpsuits all in a palette of soft pink, browns, gray and white. The collection had a lot of mirrors work to trace the roots from which the designer label began.

Moon Chang, the brand to close  the show, presented their Spring/Summer 20 Collection leaving audiences in Awe.  Her Collection was titled, "Hybrid Beauty." It showed Moon Chang's personal journey during the time she was going through PTSD. The mood was set with the haunting yet musical music being played in the background. The models make-up was done in a way to make their eyes look swollen. She presents a collection of 11 pieces with the focus color being black. Moon Chang described how she survived the death situation with the words "Being Cute." In her collection, she incorporates cuteness with the use of ribbons, ruffles, and flowers. The cute elements with her oversized dresses created a contrast of cuteness in ugly places which is what the designer wanted to show through her collection.  Moon Chang, as one of CAAFD favorite brands never disappointed.

About CAAFD:

Every season, CAAFD curates some of the finest talents in the fashion industry, globally.  CAAFD partners with IMG and Pier 59 studios and presenting its approved designers.

Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers, [CAAFD] is a non-profit organization founded through a collaborative effort by a few key pioneers in the fashion industry with the ambitious goal of promoting designers who aspire to expand their brand awareness and do business in the United States. CAAFD educates, promotes and empowers aspiring designers and fashion professionals in gaining a foothold in the fashion business, giving them every opportunity to become the renowned designer they yearn to be. More information can be found at http://www.caafd.org.