The first time in which I come in Nice was with my parents. I was just a child but I remember that I liked it and when I was arrive in Nice again, it brings me back in my head the memories of the days spent here. 

Maybe I loved the city ‘cause in my life there was an equilibrium (but I was just a child so) and my parents were so happy and united. 

Now the seafront had the same charm but all was in silent, something was crumbling in my life and now I know what is it! 

There are a lot of problems in my family during last period but I hope in a magic Christmas!

We need to be strong, we need be happy for what we see in front of us ‘cause in the moment in which you just look down, the bad news coming. The only one thing to do is to accept and move on, more strong then before!

Buona Luce


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